Get Summer Body Ready

It’s undeniable that abs are made in the kitchen. We’ve heard it a million times that you are what you eat. If you stuff your pie-hole with junk, there isn’t enough time in the day to out-train that poor diet. When you take control of your body by providing it with nutritious foods, it will take care of you and respond much better to the exercise stimulus you are putting it through.

Summer is just around the corner and I know a lot of you are looking in the mirror and saying, “Ugh, what the heck happened?” Those delicious foods you indulged in during the winter while wearing hoodies and sweaters are now rearing their ugly face around your midsection. But, don’t worry. I have some tips for you to follow that you can easily implement to put yourself in a position to say goodbye to that stubborn belly fat.

Now, while it’s impossible to spot reduce, following the below tips will help remove body fat from your entire body – not just your stomach. So, don’t get frustrated if you see more weight loss from other areas of your body as well (which in the long-run is still going to provide you with health and physique benefits).

     1. Drink more water

Many people fail to realize how many extra calories they are consuming each day on beverages. Most look at what they eat and completely negate the fact that drinks such as soda, tea, energy drinks, etc. have calories in them too. Switch over to water and save yourself hundreds of calories each day.

     2. Prepare your own meals

Eating out is fun, mainly because it’s quick and we don’t need to make our own meal. However, many meals are loaded with trans fat and unnecessary calories that won’t help fuel your body or turn it into a fat-burning machine so you can achieve your summer body. For that reason, try to prepare all of your meals if you can so you can control your calories and macros.

     3. Supplement your nutrients

Our body is a highly effective operating system, but when you spam it with junk it tends to slow down and not run efficiently. You need a wide variety of foods in your diet to keep your operating system up to date and running smoothly. But, we don’t always take in all of the nutrients (micronutrients) we need to fuel our body. For that reason, utilizing a powdered supplement containing vitamins and minerals can be extremely beneficial. And below is just one example I’d like to share and recommend to you.

Crush1 Nutrition has formulated the ultimate meal replacement product that fits just about everyone’s nutritional needs. The product is called Clean Meal. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose baby fat, lean up for a summer vacation, or just trying to unveil the coveted six-pack that so many dream about. Clean Meal provides you with quality ingredients, is macro-friendly, provides many essential micronutrients, and tastes absolutely delicious.

Now, get out there and implement these strategies so you can have your summer body ready just in time for the warm weather to hit! Don’t cover up this summer, show off that amazing physique!