Do I work out daily?

We teach you how to become intuitive in your body and learn to feel what the body needs. We utilize awareness and mindfulness as the tools to develop a new and improved connection with yourself. The workout schedule is 3 days of workouts followed by 1 day off (and then repeat the cycle).

Part of the intuitive approach will be to learn to listen to your body and we will guide you if additional rest days are required (depending upon your starting fitness level). It is important to us at CRUSH1 COACHING to meet you (the client) where you are in your fitness, health, and wellness journey and work from there. This is not a cookie-cutter program where everyone starts at the same step.

How much time will these workouts take?

The HOT-FAST 24 Program utilizes a 13-exercise protocol that can typically be completed in around 30 minutes. Depending upon your goals, some will also perform 10 minutes of cardio with their routine.

What exactly will I get with the instructional video and what will it show me?

The included video with the HOT-FAST 24 Program will guide you step-by-step, exactly and precisely, how to perform each of the 13 exercises in the HOT-FAST 24 routine.

The video provides multiple angles so you can fully understand precisely how to perform each exercise with perfect form to increase results and avoid injury – the most important step to consistency and sustainability.

The video also addresses the 3 Critical Success Factors to help provide optimal success and important nuances for those who may be less experienced – such as how to properly breathe when exercising, timing and how to “feel” your way through each exercise, how to focus on making reps count versus counting reps, and learning how to achieve physical failure (where growth occurs) versus mental failure.

Do I need access to a gym or can I do everything at home? If at home, what type of equipment do I need?

You do not need access to a gym or any equipment. Your CRUSH1 COACHING program includes portable resistance bands which empower you to perform your exercises virtually anywhere and at any time. Many utilize the routine at home, at the office, or even at the beach or park. If you prefer a gym setting, the exercises are easily performed on standard equipment and your coach can help you transition the program to suit the equipment found in your gym.

Is there one workout routine or do I do something different every day?

The HOT-FAST 24 Program utilizes a 13-exercise routine which is designed to train each muscle group. The muscle groups always remain the same (e.g. Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes, Biceps, Chest, Shoulders, just to name a few).

This program utilizes full-body training that addresses every muscle group. This remains consistent. However, countless different exercises that can be utilized to address muscles from different angles as well as helping to keep routines fresh and new. The CRUSH1 COACHES are well-versed in helping you throughout your journey.

Will someone create a workout schedule for me?

Your CRUSH1 COACH can help you to plan your schedule for optimal results. We do have a suggestion for the “best window” for exercise, but we believe the consistency of practice is ultimately what is most important. We will work with you and your individual schedule to help you develop a consistent routine around your busy schedule.

Does someone spell out my eating regime?

Yes, your eating regime is foundational to success in all 3 areas of fitness, health, and wellness. Food sources, food amounts, and food timing equate to around 80% of your results. Thus, the common phrase “abs are made in the kitchen.”

Each client will receive their individualized program built from the data inputs of their Client Questionnaire. Your individualized plan and supporting information are provided to make the program simple to follow. Each program begins with an orientation call where you and your coach talk through every aspect of the program.

Additionally, each client has a means and method (varying by the program) to reach their coach with questions and prompt answers. Our Executive Select Program, for example, has direct access to coaches virtually 24-7 for immediate text and or phone responses.

The CRUSH1 COACHES are here to support your learning curve and help you develop into a sustainable, productive, and enjoyable eating regime. We even include many meal suggestions and recipes to assist your food cravings and desires to stick to the plan.

Will other people in the group be doing the same thing I am doing?

While we individualize each program tailored to your specific goals, based on your individual inputs (e.g. gender, age, height, current weight, goals, etc.), many aspects of the HOT-FAST 24 protocol are universal. You will receive and follow your individualized program (e.g. food amounts) but your group will also be sharing the same experience which helps with creating an environment of community support where everyone helps and motivates one another.

Can I purchase a blood test even if I don’t join the Executive Program?

The short answer is yes.

There is great value in this information and understanding the true health of one’s biology. We have partnered with a top-notch wellness company that works with a national clientele including many A-list celebrities, athletes, and high-level performers.

We believe it is important to measure and track results and utilize blood testing as an even deeper dive to better understand how we can help to optimize fitness, health, and wellness.

While the HOT-FAST 24 methodology is designed and based on science to help optimize hormones naturally, blood testing helps take a deeper dive on an individualized basis. The comprehensive panel far exceeds the standard Primary Care annual testing that many experience. The full spectrum of testing would cost more than $3,000 if your doctor was to order it for you through the lab.

Because of the relationship and volume with our partner, we can offer the testing, expert reading, and consultation at a fraction of that cost for our clients and include the process in our Executive Select Program as well as at a discounted rate for those who choose one of the other programs.