Energize Your Mind and Body Through Proper Nutrition

Let’s play a little scenario where you can take a look at your own life and grasp a solid understanding of how nutrition plays a role in energizing your mind and body. I’ll use the example of going to a Chinese buffet. You roll up, grab a plate, and fill it to the point where you need two hands to carry it back. You annihilate the food on your plate and go up for seconds… and thirds… and then dessert on top of it. After paying the bill you feel as if you need to be rolled out of the buffet.

Now, think about how you felt after finishing your meal… then an hour later… then three hours later. You felt pretty terrible, right? Not only did you consume WAY too much food, but you also ate a bunch of unhealthy food choices. You may have even gone home and wanted to take a nap. Sound about right?

Time to flip the script. This time, you ate a chicken breast, rice, and steamed vegetables. Do I really even need to say anything else?

You Already Know the Difference

Here’s the harsh reality. In both scenarios, you already knew what was a good choice and a bad choice. I’m not saying you need to be extremely boring and eat plain foods 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But, you need to understand how your body will react to certain meals and what the consequences will be. If you ate at the Chinese buffet for lunch and needed to go back to work, how productive of a day do you think you’re going to have? Terrible, right?

We need to energize our mind and body through proper nutrition. When you feed your body healthy and nutritious meals, your body functions optimally and naturally boosts your energy levels all while helping improve your focus and concentration. When you eat unhealthy foods, you tend to have brain-fog and your energy level gets zapped. Not only that, but nutrient-dense foods contain many essential micronutrients that play a vital role in cellular metabolism, cellular function, hormone levels, and many other bodily functions. Unhealthy food choices actually do the opposite and cause more harm than good in the body.

It’s Time for a Change

Change your habits and eventually they will become a lifestyle for you. Eating healthy and making the change isn’t going to happen overnight – so don’t get frustrated when you slip up every now and then with your meals and food choices. However, you should make a conscious effort to make healthy choices when it comes to your nutrition. As mentioned above, there’s a clear difference in how you feel and how your body functions after consuming a healthy meal and an unhealthy meal. Personally, I hate the way I feel (both physically and mentally) after eating something “bad.” So, I don’t do it anymore. My lifestyle has changed. And yours can too.

If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by removing unnecessary foods from your diet. Stop eating the candy. The sweets. The soda. The desserts. The fried foods. The list can go on and on. Slowly replace those foods items with healthier alternatives. If you find yourself snacking on cookies and chips in the middle of the day, consider trying Clean Meal as one of your snacks. Clean Meal was designed to be a true meal replacement and can easily fit in between your larger meals or if you don’t have time to make something and need a quick and easy option on the fly. It contains 11 different fruits and vegetables and has a great macronutrient profile. Simply mix it in a blender or shaker bottle to enjoy a delicious and healthy treat any time of day.