Phil’s Success Story

Phil Martina

Phil was an experienced gym enthusiast and had been training for years when he came to us. He was fast approaching 50 years old and his goal was to be lean, muscular and in the best shape of his life. He set a goal weight of 200 lbs in 8 weeks. I explained to Phil the scale is an inefficient unit of measure and encouraged him to focus on how he looks and feels and let the scale weight fall where it may. Phil was a quick study and embraced every facet of learning to feel his body through intuitive behavior. While Phil’s starting weight was 215 lbs with a 200 lb goal weight he crushed his goal with a program completion weight of 185 lbs…releasing 30 lbs and looking and feeling amazing!! Oh, and he successfully sold his business during his 8 week program. Proud of and thrilled for you Phil!

CRUSH1 COACHING is a unique player in the wellness industry, taking an innovative & proven approach to providing fitness, health, and wellness services that will leave you feeling healthier, leaner, and stronger. We provide a variety of program options to choose what is best for you when it comes to managing your overall well-being.

Part of our secret to success comes from emphasizing productivity over activity. It’s not about working harder but learning how to truly work smarter. No wasted time or effort, only simple behavioral adaptions that are intuitive and easily reinforced because our clients feel better and see results quickly.

Our HOT-FAST 24 program is based in science with proven results across all ages and types of people. It simply works!!!

We meet each client precisely where they are in their journey to provide an individualized program along with the support, guidance and compassionate accountability to help you make the positive lifestyle changes that produce the lasting results you’ve always wanted.

Do You Want To…

→ Lose Weight
→ Reduce Body Fat
→ Gain Lean Muscle
→ Feel More Confident
→ Lower Your Risk of Disease
→ Increase Your Energy Levels
→ Create a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle
→ Take Back Your Life and Improve Your Health
→ Improve Both Mental and Physical Performance
→ Work with A Professional to Fast-Track Your Success

If so, there’s no better time than right now!

CRUSH1 COACHING’s mission is to help each of our clients live their best life possible. To reach this goal, we offer 3 levels of service based on the unique and exclusive HOT-FAST 24 protocol. We provide each client with an individualized health and fitness plan based on you and your goals, and manage your process with the positive reinforcement and accountability you need to make simple lifestyle changes. If you are ready to transform your life and achieve the best version of your fitness, health, and wellness, this is your long-awaited solution.

Best of all, you can do these programs in the privacy of your own home. NO GYM REQUIRED!

8 Weeks to Transform Your Mind and Body!

The proprietary HOT-FAST 24 system was born from my need to maintain an elite level of fitness into my 50’s, while I was an EVP, President and “Face” of a publicly traded, global sports nutrition brand. Now, I have taken the HOT-FAST 24 blueprint and successfully applied it working with other busy executives, physicians, educators, busy mom’s, the young & not so young…and even rockstars and models.

The nutrition and training protocols are based on REAL science, provide people with REAL results, and can be practiced by almost anyone, anywhere. If you are ready to commit to practicing a better way of simple and fulfilling intuitive behaviors, we are ready to help teach, guide, and support you.

Simply give us eight weeks, we’ll help you transform your mind and body while providing you with the necessary tools to improve your lifestyle, behaviors, and habits – and we’ll be there with you every step of the way.

We’ve helped transform lives of all ages, from all walks of life across the globe. If you have the desire to change and are tired of diets and programs that don’t work, now is your time to get fit from the inside out! With CRUSH1 COACHING, YOU set the goal and WE help you CRUSH IT!



Jean joined the program primarily with the intent and role of supportive wife to help her husbands healing process. We discussed her personal goals and embarked upon her dual purpose journey.

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Jean truly embraced the process and learned to listen to her body. Her strength, endurance and focus dramatically improved as she released 20 lbs, thus reaching her 135 lb dream weight of decades past. So proud of Jean and our beautiful friendship we developed!

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When Steve came to us it was as a result of a health diagnosis and physical discomfort. Steve quickly embraced the new methods of intuitive behaviors and the results were dramatic!

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The release of 30 lbs of weight was both dramatic and amazing, but his successful change in blood chemistry was the result we were more focused upon. 215 lbs down to 185 lbs is impressive, but his A1C from 9.8 (6.7+ is full blown diabetic) down to 5.0 (Not Diabetic!) Is life changing! So proud of Steve and thrilled at his new found health & wellness.

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Mike began his HOT-FAST 24 program at 204 lbs with a goal weight of 185 lbs.

In just 8 weeks Mike learned how to listen to his body and take control of his health releasing 21 lbs and beating his target weight by 2 lbs for a program

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completion weight of 183 lbs. Way to go Mike!!!

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Working with Laura for over a year has been a fantastic journey and I couldn’t be more proud of her complete transformation. We started with a focus on Health based Fitness which evolved into a Wellness approach.

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We delved deeper into subconscious programming and how our thoughts create our emotions, our emotions create our behaviors and our behaviors create our experience. Her “aha moments” and growth has sent shivers down my spine on multiple occasions.

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The release of 30 lbs of weight was both dramatic and amazing, but his successful change in blood chemistry was the result we were more focused upon. 215 lbs down to 185 lbs is impressive, but his A1C from 9.8 (6.7+ is full blown diabetic) down to 5.0 (Not Diabetic!) Is life changing! So proud of Steve and thrilled at his new found health & wellness.

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Get HOT-FAST in Just 8 Weeks!


Group Challenge Program

$ 795/ MO

8 Week Small Group Program

Transform With Others

Do you want to transform your life but, prefer a greater sense of community?

Our Group Challenge Program provides a customized HOT-FAST 24 program to each individual, and is managed by The CRUSH1 COACHING team.

You will receive the necessary toolkit and dedicated support to break through barriers and start your transformation with a sustained healthy lifestyle.


$ 1495/ MO

8 Week Individualized Program

Weekly Check in & Email Access

Work 1-on-1 with Chris and our CRUSH1 COACHES with an individualized HOT-FAST 24 program.

Transform your confidence, fitness, health, and wellness in this 8 week exclusive program providing the next level of success in your journey.

Designed for men & women of all ages, and experience levels. In just 8 weeks you, too can achieve jaw-dropping results.

Executive Select Program

$ 2495/ MO

8 Week Exclusive Program

Unlimited Access & Support

You will work exclusively with Chris Thompson, creator of HOT-FAST 24, Coach & Founder in our highest service offering.

The Executive Select Program provides you with all of the tools for success and unlimited access to Chris as he leads you through your nutrition, exercise, and transformation goal.

White glove treatment would be the understatement of the century!