Dear Chris,

Your Hot-Fast 24 program brought much better than expected results in my first eight weeks. My goal was to lose eight pounds, but not only have I lost 15 pounds, I know that I am also stronger and feeling better overall than when I first started the program. There is no doubt that the combination of your prescribed diet and exercise program are the reason for my rapid transformation.

Prior to my initial consultation, I had absolutely no desire to enter any diet and exercise program. Sure, I knew I could stand to lose a few pounds, but I was a five-day-a-week jogger, and I certainly did not need to change my “healthy” diet. I truly believed that I was in pretty good shape for a 65 year old guy.

So when my daughter wanted to give me a gift of your Hot-Fast 24 program, I was staunchly opposed. I think I was most fearful about giving up foods and things I enjoy. I was also convinced that arthritis pain in my wrist and back would preclude any meaningful exercise program. But, being strongly encouraged by my daughter and wife, I reluctantly agreed to talk with you before making any commitment.

When we first talked, I quickly found you to be an engaging and inspiring proponent of your program. I also found comfort in your assurances that you could make the program work for me. And, in reality there was no way I could refuse my daughter, so I agreed to give it my best shot.

After just a couple weeks, as I lost weight and I started to feel stronger, I realized my fears were unfounded. The reality was that I could eat well and not be hungry. You also worked with me to fine-tune exercises, to help me through early some struggles. Throughout the program, I knew you were easily available to me by phone call or video call whenever I needed help and advice.

Thank you for all your caring guidance, encouragement, and instruction. It is evident that you are committed to providing the highest level of service to your clients. Most importantly, it is undeniable that the Hot-Fast 24 program delivers results. I am uncertain just how much “hotter” my wife thinks I am, but she certainly does appreciate my slimmer waist line.