8 Week Small Group Program $795

Are you ready to take charge of your health and fitness while transforming your physique? Why not do it alongside others who, like you, want to better their life but prefer the camaraderie and environment of a private group setting?

Better yet, have your friends or family join you so you can push one another! Some people are more committed and successful when they work towards a goal along with others. Does that sound like you?

We created a unique program that builds a community of likeminded individuals who help support each other and want to see the success of everyone in the group.

Male, female, young, or aged to perfection, our program works for everyone because it is based in science.

Best of all, there’s NO GYM REQUIRED with this program!

The Group Challenge Program is a great way to stay motivated and achieve your goals along with other busy and on-the-go people. This specific program is delivered and accessed through our online platform and a private Facebook Group, allowing you to complete and manage your program from virtually anywhere in the world – no need for excuses.

Program Details

Your 8-week personal program is individualized and begins with a client questionnaire covering everything from medical history, training experience, and motivation levels, but also explores your “why” (which Chris finds to be the key to success by tapping into your deepest motivator to help fuel your successful habitual changes). As Chris often says, “This is not easy, but it is simple.” The result is your change in behavior is much easier to sustain and simply becomes your new habit.

The personalized and individualized program will provide you with both an exercise and nutrition program that aligns with your goals. Through the help of your dedicated coaches and the CRUSH1 community, you will be held accountable and supported so you can achieve your true potential without losing focus.
By creating a simple to follow program, we make it easy to stack your accomplishments and quickly create new and productive habits towards achieving transformative and sustainable success.

The CRUSH1 COACHING Team of coaches will passionately guide and support your transformation journey through education, inspiration, motivation, and supportive accountability.

The HOT-FAST 24 protocol and program has helped countless individuals from all walks of life to break through and achieve optimized fitness, health and wellness, and achieve the body of their dreams from the inside out!  We pride ourselves on meeting each client precisely where they are in their journey, not the other way around.  You set the goal and together we CRUSH it!

What is included in the HOT-FAST 24 Group Program?

 Individualized HOT-FAST 24 protocol with food sources, food amounts, food timing, and systematic 13 exercise program to reach your specific transformational goals.

 Facebook Live 60 minute Group Orientation to ensure you fully understand the program with confidence to get started for a successful journey.

 Individualized HOT-FAST 24 protocol with food sources, amounts, timing & exercise program to reach your specific transformational goals.

 Unlimited Access to your exclusive HOT-FAST 24 private Facebook Group for community support, feedback, questions, and suggestions moderated by our coaching team.

 Accountability through weekly online check-ins directly with the CRUSH1 Coaches to track key metrics and progress analysis where program changes can be made as needed to continue seeing results.

 Comprehensive Blood Testing and physician review is available at a discounted price. Through diagnostic lab work and 1-on-1 review via phone with an expert wellness coordinator, you will take a deeper dive into your biological health.

 Reference Guide a.k.a. your individualized “cheat sheet” for foods with nutritional values specific to your program to help make preparing and consuming meals and program adherence simple resulting in greater success.

 Success Kit includes a Digital Food Scale and Premium Resistance Exercise Band Kit for use at home, in the office, or while traveling (everything you need!).

 Sample Meals provide suggestions and recipes for success and enjoyment without the common bland or boring meals associated with dieting.

 Instructional Video and PDF are provided for an easy to follow exercise routine that includes step by step guidance to ensure you complete each exercise safely and effectively.

8 Week HOT-FAST 24 Group Challenge Program – $795

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We find success rates to be exponential when your practice is shared with a partner.  Therefore, we want to help and are offering this limited time promotion.

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