Executive Select Program $2495

This 8-week HOT-FAST 24 Executive Select Program is designed for busy and on-the-go lifestyles seeking the next level in specialized attention and who are ready to make transformational improvements with their fitness level as well as their overall health and wellness.

Through this executive service offering, you will work directly with the creator of the HOT-FAST 24 protocol, Chris Thompson. This one-on-one virtual connection with Chris will take your results to new heights. Chris will be there with you every step of the way – guiding you, motivating you, and ensuring you achieve the transformative and sustainable results you desire. Male, female, young, or aged to perfection, our program works for everyone because it is based in science.

Best of all, there’s NO GYM REQUIRED to use our program!

While this program is delivered through our simple online platform, allowing for completion and management from virtually anywhere in the world, you will have a personal connection with Chris via phone, text, and email as he guides you through each step, sharing his 30+ years of practice, experience, knowledge, and hacks to success that goes well beyond the fitness realm.

Program Details

Never in the history of fitness programs has a creator been so hands-on and accessible. Chris Thompson is dedicating his time and schedule to ensure you are on the fast-track to success. Additionally, the Executive Program includes key options not included in the other Crush1 Coaching Programs.

With unlimited access and support, you’re never alone in your journey and when the tough days come and you don’t feel like hitting your workout or following your nutrition plan, Chris will be there to lift you up, encourage and support you to keep moving forward. There has never been a program like this… EVER.

You will have the ability to FaceTime or Skype call with Chris to fully immerse all aspects of the 13 exercises in the program, how it’s strategically laid out, the scientific reasons why and guidance and focus on the 3 critical success factors that are completely game-changing when it comes to sustainable results. It makes no difference if you are a seasoned gym rat or a first-timer, this 60-minute exercise review will ensure you know precisely how to leverage the highest return on your time and effort as you train safely and with perfect form to get the best long-term results possible.

In addition, the Executive Select Program includes comprehensive blood testing (over $3,000 in testing at retail lab pricing) to take a deep dive into your current health status far beyond standard General Practitioner lab work.
Your 8-week personal program is individualized and begins with a client questionnaire covering everything from medical history, training experience, and motivation levels, but also explores your “why” (which Chris finds to be the key to success by tapping into your deepest motivator to help fuel your successful habitual changes). As Chris often says, “This is not easy, but it is simple.”

Chris Thompson will passionately guide your transformation journey through education, inspiration, motivation, and supportive accountability.

The HOT-FAST 24 protocol and program has helped countless individuals from all walks of life to break through and achieve optimized fitness, health and wellness, and achieve the body of their dreams from the inside out! We pride ourselves on meeting each client precisely where they are in their journey, not the other way around. You set the goal and together we CRUSH it!

What is included in the Executive Select Program?

 Individualized HOT-FAST 24 protocol with food sources, food amounts, food timing, and systematic 13 exercise program to reach your specific transformational goals.

 60 minute Orientation Call with Chris Thompson to ensure you fully understand the program with confidence to get started for a successful journey.

 Unlimited Access (phone, text, email) to HOT-FAST 24 program creator, Chris Thompson to help you with any questions and keep on track to your new program and lifestyle.

 FaceTime/Skype introductory exercise review to ensure you understand and learn to practice the exercise in the correct and safe method to ensure success and avoid injury. You will also learn the finer points of the 3 critical success factors to supercharge your results.

 Accountability through weekly online check-in & calls directly with Chris Thompson to track key metrics and progress analysis where program changes can be made as needed to continue seeing results. These calls frequently transcend beyond simply fitness and into the deeper mind and subconscious that enable long term success and growth in all areas of life beyond fitness.

 Comprehensive Blood Testing and physician review are INCLUDED in this program offering. Through diagnostic lab work and 1-on-1 review via phone with an expert wellness coordinator, you will take a deeper dive into your biological health (over $3,000 in retail lab work alone).

 Reference Guide a.k.a. your individualized “cheat sheet” for foods with nutritional values specific to your program to help make preparing and consuming meals and program adherence simple resulting in greater success.

 Success Kit includes a Digital Food Scale and Premium Resistance Exercise Band Kit for use at home, in the office, or while traveling (everything you need!).

 Sample Meals provide suggestions and recipes for success and enjoyment without the common bland or boring meals associated with dieting.

 Instructional Video and PDF are provided for an easy to follow exercise routine that includes step by step guidance to ensure you complete each exercise safely and effectively.

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