Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to your workouts? Are you unmotivated by not seeing results? Ready to quit? You’re not alone, 90% of people who start an exercise program give up in the first 3 months.

Why is that? One reason is that workouts are challenging and results don’t happen overnight. The deeper reason is most people work too hard at the wrong things for the results they desire.

Don’t become part of the statistic!

What if you only needed to complete 13 extremely strategic and proven exercises using resistance bands to maximize your time, effort, and results? Best of all, you can do the workout almost ANYWHERE and ANYTIME and all you need to do is put aside ~30 minutes to complete!

The HOT-FAST 24 protocol will help transform the way you look, feel, and think – or as I often say, “Get Fit From The Inside Out!”

Exercise is a fundamentally critical component to results, but you cannot “out-exercise a poor diet.” The saying “Abs Are Made In The Kitchen” is 100% true and ~80% of results so we are also including my Get HOT-FAST e-book with your exercise training video to provide you with the roadmap to help you achieve the body of your dreams, at any age!!

What Can You Experience From the HOT-FAST 24 E-Book
and Exercise Training Video?

Optimize Fitness, Health, and Wellness
Boost immunity
Feel better
Look healthier
Improve cognition
Become stronger
Accelerate weight loss
Feel more energized
Enhance gut health
Reduce your risk of disease
Improve skin health
Help with sleep quality
Better manage hormones
Enhance mood
Reduce Inflammation
Look, Feel and Live Optimized
Maximum Return on Your Time, Money and Effort
Sustainable Transformation


Is your gym closed? Are you currently not a member of a gym and don’t feel comfortable going to a gym to exercise?

Is your health slowly deteriorating from spending countless hours every day running a business or household and not making yourself a priority?

Maybe you assume you don’t have enough time in the day to squeeze in a workout?

Throw all of the excuses away! Regardless of if you are an advanced exerciser or a complete beginner…

The HOT-FAST 24 Program Is For YOU!

That’s why so many people from all walks of life and levels of experience have made the switch to the all-encompassing HOT-FAST 24 Protocol.

One of the HOT-FAST 24 secrets to exercise success is the systematic sequence working bottom to top while targeting all muscle groups. This precise methodology will help to improve your natural muscle-building and fat-burning hormones and even help detoxify the body by stimulating the movement of lymph through the body (your body’s natural detoxification system).

The Secret to Success is Productivity Over Activity or No Wasted Time! Simply SMARTER training so you can achieve the highest return on your time and effort and achieve sustainable, transformative results!

To help even more people find the relief and freedom of looking and feeling their best and achieving the body of their dreams, we are now offering a more accessible E-Book and Video Exercise Program.

What is HOT-FAST 24? It is simply an acronym for the process and protocol to optimize fitness, health & wellness.

Fasting And
Training 24
Hour protocol

Transformative and sustainable success is achieved through natural hormone optimization. The HOT-FAST 24 system takes the complex and makes it simple. By focusing properly on Food Sources, Food Amounts & Food Timing productive fat- burning and muscle building hormones are elevated and fat storage hormones are decreased. Thus, creating an internal environment supercharged for success.

While any behavior adaptation takes time and is not always easy we have taken the complicated and made it simple. When you learn the principles and begin to consistently follow them, success comes quickly!

What Do You Get in the
Special Program?

PDF – Easy-to-Follow Exercise and Muscle Guide Sheet

HOT-FAST 24 E-Book – Providing the Roadmap to Sustainable Success Through Natural Hormone Optimization

Video – Guiding You Step-By-Step Through the Exercise Program and Critical Success Factors to Achieve Maximum Results with Zero Wasted Time and Effort

*Exercise Resistance Bands NOT Included


1. Health
Your biology plays a foundational role in your health. How cells communicate with each other, how chemical processes take place, how hormones, enzymes, and neurotransmitters are released – it all encompasses your overall health. Through this program, you’ll be able to better manage your health through key strategies utilizing food sources, amounts and timing, and combining it all with proper and specific exercise.

2. Wellness
When it comes to wellness, it ultimately comes down to your thoughts and relationship with exercise and nutrition. The last thing you want is a negative relationship with both. By better understanding what foods you should be eating, when you should eat them, in what amounts, along with how to structure your workouts to see the results you desire, you can better set yourself up for success and enjoy the transformation process.

3. Fitness
This pillar sets you up with the HOT-FAST 24 Workout Program. All you need to do is follow the video workout as it’s laid out to reap the benefits and maximize your time. The video will also show you the specific movements and how to safely and properly complete each exercise so you can rapidly see the results of your hard work and dedication.

The HOT-FAST 24 Exercise Routine is Built Upon 3 Critical Success
Factors to Maximize Your Results:

1. Mind-Muscle Connection – Feel the muscle you are working to improve growth
2. Time-Under-Tension – By slowing down the movement we speed up results
3. Intensity to Failure – The key to growth is pushing to failure and producing an
evolved adaptation.


You could purchase the program and follow it on your own or, you could add expert feedback and insights with the addition of an interactive video coaching session to ensure you are completing the exercises with perfect form to help reduce the likelihood of injuries as well as ask and receive answers to questions you may have regarding the program.

The highly sought-after celebrity-trainer, Chris Thompson, the creator of the HOT-FAST 24 Protocol and author of Get HOT FAST charges $2,500.00 to work one-on-one through his proprietary program with athletes, physicians, executives, celebrities, busy moms, models, and even rockstars, with one common theme – they all need to look, feel, and perform at their very best!

If you want to step up to the next level, take advantage of the one-on-one interactive video session opportunity with Chris during this limited time offer. Your Deluxe Package will include:

*Exercise Resistance Bands NOT Included

What Do You Get in the
One-on-One Video Session?

45-minute interactive video training session consisting of 2 parts

15-minute discussion of what, why, when, and how to optimize your training, any
injuries, challenges, or limitations you may have, and how to work around them

HOT-FAST 24 E-Book – Providing the Roadmap to Sustainable Success Through Natural Hormone Optimization

Video – Guiding You Step-By-Step Through the Exercise Program and Critical Success Factors to Achieve Maximum Results with Zero Wasted Time and Effort

PDF – Easy-to-Follow Exercise and Muscle Guide Sheet

30 minutes where Chris or one of the coaches will go through the actual program with you and guiding you to get the most from your training session

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions you may have regarding the

*Exercise Resistance Bands NOT Included

→ Learn How Fun and Easy This Process Can Be
→ Educate Yourself While Pushing Your Mind and Body
→ Experience How Fitness and Nutrition Works Better Together
→ Take the Guesswork Out of Achieving Results
→ Get Your Fool-Proof Plan to Look, Feel, and Think Better